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Why do we do it? Why do we make the attempts and try so hard just for the feeling.

Why do we need it? Why do we want to feel its cold sting or its warm embrace.

Why do we put ourselves out their for the “one” we think is the “one”, but turns out to be just another “one” of the same.

WHY must we go through the heart ache of a connection lost or

relationship gone bad?

Ill tell you why, we do this not out of pleasure or because its what’s

expected of us or that’s just what people have to go through.

We do it because of the possibility of what could be, the possibility of making that connection and growing upon it, becoming a half of a whole.

Mainly we do it for the feeling, that feeling of a connection made and the possibility of loves cold sting opening us to all the possibilities that we could dream of.

– Afro Punk


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