Not many of you may be aware, but over this winter break Alfred State has under gone some changes to its curriculums. The department formally known as Computer Imaging and Architecture Technology has been split into two new separate Department. They are now the separate departments of Architecture and Design and the Digital Media and Animation Department. This change occurred because the State Education Department was concerned with the Architecture degree not having a specified college all to itself. This comes from other colleges having a special college of Architecture like Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, and RIT. Because of this Alfred State decided to separate the department and redistribute the majors.

The Architecture and Design department is comprised of Architecture, both Associates and Bachelor’s degrees with a five year program coming in the spring of 2013. Interior Design is also apart of this department.

The Digital Media and Animation department is comprised of an Associates and Bachelors degree in Digital Media and Animation with two more programs in the works hopefully coming this spring as well.



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