Campus Life


The time of year has arrived when students sometime think of seeking alternate housing for the 2012-13 academic year.  The following represents campus policy regarding off-campus eligibility:


Any full-time student who wishes to live off campus must request a waiver of the Board of Trustees’ Policy. This waiver form is available from the Office of Residential Life and on-line. All waiver requests will be considered in accordance with the SUNY policy and the Board of Trustees’ intent to maximize the educational process. Certain conditions, if met, assure an individual of permission to live off campus. These specific examples include:

General Eligibility:  Married students; students providing direct care for a legal dependent; students 23 years of age or older; students already possessing a baccalaureate degree (records verified), or a student residing with a parent, grandparent, or court-appointed legal guardian at that person’s permanent home address who is commuting fewer than 60 miles one way (notarized statement and supplemental statement required).

Honorably Discharged Veterans of the US Armed Forces: DD-214 must be provided as documentation.

Academic Eligibility:  Fourth-year students in baccalaureate programs are eligible for off-campus status subject to the following minimum requirements: good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 and no current disciplinary status through the time of off-campus occupancy.

Greek Organization Eligibility: Information relative to organization eligibility is available from Residential Life. Individual members of eligible Greek organizations may apply for a housing waiver if all criteria are met:

Individual members must possess a 2.00 cumulative grade point average and a 2.00 semester grade point average (prior semester) at the time a housing waiver is requested.

Individual members may not be on any disciplinary sanction and must have completed any special conditions as a result of a past sanction (i.e. alcohol assessment, community restitution projects, etc.) at the time a housing waiver is requested.

The organization in which they are a member maintains continuing authorization for     off-campus communal      residency.

All other requests will be reviewed according to the Reasons for Waiver stated on the waiver application, and will be considered according to uniformity and intent of the Board of Trustees’ policy. Submission of false or intentionally misleading statements may result in waiver revocation, campus disciplinary sanctions, and other penalties. All waivers are granted for the academic year or the remaining portion thereof. Students must resubmit a waiver application each year (s)he is in attendance.

Important Caveat  No matter how strong your desire or how attractive that little slice of off-campus heaven appears to be – DON’T SIGN A LEASE UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED FOR OFF CAMPUS RESIDENCY. If you do sign before being approved, you may find yourself with a legally binding lease and a requirement for campus housing (two separate bills).

Questions should be referred to Neil Benedict at the Office of Residential Life.



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