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 I have a bit of a grudge match going with 3D. It tends to backstab me in a matter of seconds, so I’m hesitant to really commit to my relationship with it in a meaningful way. This was the first time that I went to the theater to see a 3D remake of a  movie that I love. I won’t bother going over the plot or details of the movie itself, since we’ve all seen it and it’s unarguably a classic. 3D really changed it aesthetically though, almost to the point of it feeling like a totally different movie.

Right off the bat during the previews, I got reminded of all the reasons that I normally hate 3D. The Brave trailer was very dim, the Finding Nemo re-release trailer barely had any 3D at all, and looked like just a grab for money, and The Phantom Menace re-release trailer… I don’t even want to talk about that. After all that, I felt a little sense of dread about the fact that I had paid to get into this theater.

The movie started, and I was completely blown away by the opening sequence. The 3D simply added to the sense of depth, and the stained glass montage that sets up the story was, surprisingly, still as vibrant and colorful as ever. Even more shockingly, this didn’t change throughout the movie. This was the first 3D movie I’ve ever seen that didn’t have its colors too dimmed or washed out by the addition of 3D. It was absolutely beautiful throughout the whole runtime.

However, everything comes with a grain of salt. There were very few times where I didn’t notice the 3D above everything else. Meaning, for me personally, it was very difficult to see each scene as a whole without being massively distracted by the 3D elements. Now, the question is: is that necessarily a negative? My answer is no. Everyone has already seen the Disney renaissance movies enough times to be able to follow along with them as a second nature. This made it excusable that occasionally the 2D characters looked out of place, or a 3D element stole the spotlight in the foreground. That’s okay for this movie, because I already knew what was going on anyway. Will Finding Nemo or, and I shudder as I say it, The Phantom Menace, get the same pass? I really doubt it.



  1. It’s good to know that a Disney classic is still a Disney classic beyond the use of 3D. I also haven’t had any good moments with film and 3d thinking that it was just a gimmick. I’m curious to see it, but I do agree with you with Phantom Menace coming out in 3D. All I see are dollar signs.

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