Campus Life


~Angel Torres~

“Salsa Night!” on Wednesday, February 1st, filled Pioneer Lounge with the rhythms of Latin America. The event, hosted by L.A.S.O (Latin American Student Organization), featured Liz Raterman and her husband Tom Raterman, teaching people how to dance to Hispanic songs. Paula Pair, the activities assistant, helped with setting up the music in the DJ booth. Many people – people who were willing to learn and experience Hispanic culture – attended the event and participated. Seeing the different individuals and races that were into the Hispanic dancing concept, made me think events like this should be consistent worldwide. People around the world can learn new things and view culture out of the ordinary. People of different races were very interested and excited to learn how to dance/learn and experience some of culture of Latino countries. “It’s always fun to share some of the fun things about our culture, people are having fun dancing stuff they never thought they’d dance,” said Erick Guerra.

“I thought it was very insightful. Liz did a great job teaching everyone. It was simple and straight forward. I had a lot of fun! It was a great turn-out and it should be done more often! It’s definitely bringing awareness about our culture,” added Genesis Vanderhorst, who came across from Alfred University to join in.

The basics of Merengue and Bachata from the Dominican Republic, and Salsa from Colombia were taught during this event. It showed people that there is an interesting world out there. The facial expressions of many individuals during the event showed that they were happy. Even though there were natives who came to the event already knowing the steps to these dances, it brought excitement to them because there isn’t much of Latino culture brought to Alfred. This event helped all the different races and social groups to be more social and learn about each other. Being more interactive in the events like Salsa Night! helps Alfred State College to become a better, more diverse place.



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