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Once I was atop a hill by a valley.
the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.
the sun was out in its full
the wind blew with a genial grace only found in
the most peaceful of places.
The grass felt like silk
between my feet
I began to do my forms as I often do in the peace of the
As I made my movements the weights of life felt as
they were melting away.
With each breath I took I could feel life and energy flow
through me.
A traveler came up to me and asked why I was on this hill
I responded with because here I am to replenish my soul
he asked me what I meant by this.
I told him that in the serenity of nature can I find the
inner peace to replenish my soul.
He asked me one more
question before he left.
Why would a soul need
I answered with the weights of life can often bear on our
So to not be weighted to the ground one must lift the
chains that bind us and let our souls be replenished and soar.

– Afro Punk


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