Campus News


THE PHI THETA Kappa Induction Ceremony has been set for Monday, March 26, 2012 at 7 pm in the Allegany Room. Letters of invitation have been mailed to students’ local addresses. If any student thinks he/she should have been invited but did not receive a letter, please contact one of the following advisors as soon as possible, but prior to March 9, 2012.

Victoria Bolton

(607) 587-3620

Jennifer Bremser, Ph.D.

(607) 587-4167

Cindy Coleman

(607) 587-4109

Aniko Constantine, Ph.D.

(607) 587-4184

Sandra Gerling-Yelle

(607) 587-3434

Steven Jakobi, Ph.D.

(607) 587-3677

Cynthie Luehman

(607) 587-3695


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