Campus News


Ronnie Jordan appearance at Alfred State was phenomenal. He turned out to be a very funny guy. Unfortunately the audience was fairly small, especially for a free show. Adding to the fact that some of the audience was Experience Alfred high school students, that was quite disappointing.

With Ronnie nothing was out of bounds. He made jokes about everything from his weight to the shadiness of Peach Pit. I never noticed before but the way Peach Pit was set up the place definitely looks like a “pedophile’s basement” as Ronnie put it. Then he continued on with jokes ranging from food, to roommates, to Capri Sun, to his weight loss method, and his impersonations of Ruben Studdard and LeBron James. He had many good gags, far too many to recollect, but most of them were met only with slight chuckles. It took a while for the audience to warm up to him, and even then they weren’t very loud1. The audience laughed very quietly and sparsely, which was unfortunate because I felt he had a lot of good material. There were a select few (myself included) who were active in Jordan’s sketches and reciprocated appropriately.


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