The Athlete Diaries

 ~Carriola Chambers~

The trend setters is what they call themselves. The team what would go to war for each other! The team that makes their way past opponents with just a simple word of excuse me. And if anyone wants to stand in their way and start a battle over something so simple then you better believe they will come with all they have just to prove a point. The field is an entirely different world. Many times the best comes out on top, but when it comes to the team in yellow, blue, and white, hard work beats talent any day when talent doesn’t work hard. The different combinations of Pioneer guards are ready to attack, shoot, and hit the right point on the target that stands 10 feet high. And that will allow the team to reach their goal a little easier while guiding their forwards to complete the same task.

The forwards are just as important; they protect home base and clean up when the guards fall short. The guards do the same for the forwards. But you don’t want to fight with a team that has each other’s back and not just leave one another hanging. The 8 lost battles showed some of the flaws, but the 14 wins show how hard work and when a group comes together from different backgrounds they can correct any error. But just wait and see:  the war will be won. Each battle is just a way for the team to correct and even better themselves for anyone who thinks they can handle them, and sometimes they fall but the next time I bet they don’t fall as hard.  Little does anyone know this combination of 6 guards and 8 forwards make up your Alfred State woman’s basketball team 2011-2012. But don’t be scared to support the team – they don’t bite as hard as you think. At least, they don’t bite their supporters!


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