Have you shown up to classes on a Monday only to hear from your friends about the “best _______ ever!” that you missed?  We here at the Tor Echo feel it is our responsibility as your newspaper to prevent this kind of tragedy.  No more weekends spent mindlessly drooling at a screen or slumped in a lumpy old couch drinking stale beer, listening to lame tunes (unless you really want to).  We have a solution, but we need your help.  The Tor Echo Online Event Calendar (date of launch to be announced) will be an interactive schedule of events on campus or open to ASC students.  Have an upcoming event and you want more than twelve people to show?  Put it on the calendar!  Need to make last minute changes?  No problem, it’s interactive!  Don’t want to spend another evening with your smelly roommate?  Check for new postings on the calendar and meet some new people!


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