Sam McCarthy

Recent changes to ASC policies governing the activities of the fraternities and sororities on campus have altered how the Greeks do business.  Just a week before Spring 2012 pledging was to begin, Neil Benedict, Associate Vice President for Student Life, and Casey Gross, who is now in charge of Greek activities, announced during a Greek Senate meeting that certain longstanding practices would no longer be permitted.  The most onerous change in the rules was a complete ban on off-campus pledging events. The changes were a response by SUNY officials in Albany to pressures from insurance companies and other safety conscious parties.  The Greeks are no longer able to conduct pledging functions in any locations other than campus facilities and grounds, or in their officially sanctioned houses off campus.  Needless to say this caused quite a stir. The off-campus ban caused a scramble among all the groups for the limited space here on campus.

When asked how these changes had been received, respondents laughed and said “not very well.”  But, as always, time has a way of healing all wounds and the Greeks seem to be adapting well to their new constraints.  Adjustments to ceremonies, changes of venue, and cooperative problem-solving seem to be the soups of the day.  Institutions that value tradition so highly may balk at change sometimes, but it seems that for now, Greek life goes on with little more than a skinned knee; bruised and bleeding a little, but not out of the game.


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