~Lila Campiz~

A SIMPLE DEFINITION of photography is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs, but there is more to it then that. Many people take photos because they can or just because they have a camera. The photos they take may be completely random and potentially have absolutely no meaning to them. However not everyone is like that. Many people find photography to be a big hobby of theirs. Time after time, artists are always told to carry a camera with them no matter where they go even a sketchbook. You just do not know when you will come across something that is worth capturing.

Michael Colomaio currently has a selection of photographs in the Hinkle Memorial Library. The images are from a collection taken of his trips in Ireland . He has been to Ireland three times, in 2008, 2010 and just recently in 2011. Both Barbara Greil and Jane Vavala asked Michael if he would show his photos, and conveniently there was an opening in the gallery. His showcase of photographs opened on February 1, 2012 and will be open until March 25, 2012. Not only are there photographs in the gallery but also books about Ireland, an Irish Drum that Michael purchased along with some other trinkets. Photography seems to be an increasing hobby for him, though you could certainly not go on a trip to Ireland without bringing along a camera and taking photos. He will be taking another trip in May, so it may be possible that he will be showcasing some more photos in the future. If you have some time to spare, or enjoy looking at photographs then you should definitely check out the gallery in the Hinkle Memorial Library.

“ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

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