And poets, and photographers, and artists. If you are interested in placing your work into Ergo, please come and join the staff.  Ergo meetings start at 4:15, and are currently scheduled for:

Monday, February 27, SDC 242

Monday, March 26, SDC 328

Monday, April 9, SDC 242

Monday, April 23, SDC 328

Spring Poetry Reading is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, starting at 6:45 in the Allegany Room.

You can also submit your work for publication.  It’s cold outside. So while snuggled inside, grab a pen and paper and be creative with your energy. Create a piece of poetry, a short story, artwork, or an essay. Submissions can be sent to Dr. Aniko Constantine, Faculty Advisor for ERGO at constaav@alfred or Debra Tomm, Secretary for ERGO, at tommda@alfred  If you wish, your submission could be published anonymously or under a pseudonym.


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