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~Johnny Ayala~

 A few weeks ago at CDH the black history month poet Baub Bidon made his appearance at Alfred State College and performed some of his poetry for the crowd. His style was well received and very effective at getting the crowd behind his piece performances. His style of poetry was informative and expressed his feelings on things like murder in his home town to a celebration of women and all they do. He mixes a sense of humor with the ability to get the crowd’s attention and make them feel like a part of the his poetic pieces. He even went as far as to get two other students who were poets to get on the stage and had them perform some of their poetry. He also showed his musical prowess by mimicking the sound of a harmonica into one of his poems. This was something that I found very interesting and enjoyed about this particular piece.  Baub Bidon often mixes hip hop, jazz, and blues in a poetic/ storytelling art form that blends well together and flows from his poetry.



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