~Shane Schaber~

 Last week my girlfriend and I went to see Frank Deville preform a comical magic show, at the Pioneer Lounge. He claims to be quite the ladies’ man and I got to hand it to him, he does know what the ladies like. His sleight of hand, clever tricks, and never ceasing double entendres left everyone in the room laughing. Not only did he entertain but won over most of the girls within the first couple tricks.

We got there about a half hour early while Deville was setting up. For a while I was doubtful that there would be many people in attendance but in the last 10 minutes the place filled up. So much so that the chairs ran out and it was a free for all for space. Pool tables turned into seats as the crowed poured in. Not long after 8pm the show initiated and Frank strutted out in his suit and pink shirt. Each of his tricks became more complicated and suspenseful than the last. He used many volunteers from the audience, both on stage and off. Some, like his “Danger Balls” trick involved up to six volunteers. He used a combination of cards, money, cellphones and wordplay to diversify his ruses.

A great quality that set Deville apart from other magicians was that almost all the audience volunteers won a prize for participating. Chocolates, money, and lottery cards were earned as prizes. Even though his content had obvious adult undertones his innuendoes were carefully placed. One of the most entertained audience members there was a seven year old girl. He included her in the show with some witty banter.

All in all, I was glad I went and would gladly go to see him again in the future. Other than the crowded room, the APB picked a great show and dealt with the room well. A soda, Gatorade, or water was offered for free to all the attendants and the sound and music quality was great. I may have been leery of going to comedic and magic events in the past but I’ll be looking forward to the next event here at Alfred.


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