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Mark Payne

Mark Payne, assistant professor in the Building Trades Department

Mark Payne, assistant professor in the Building Trades Department at Alfred State, was recently cited on the Liftech Equipment Web site as he and his students tested a new technology and design in skid steer equipment.

A piece of heavy equipment, known as a tracked skid steer, was loaned to Alfred State for training purposes following an in-class lecture by Payne.

“Thirty-eight students were able to experience the new generation of skid steer/track loader technology,” said Payne. He also noted that because it is not always easy or practical to have equipment with the latest technology available, the demonstration was doubly beneficial to his students.

In addition to the lecture, the equipment was used to carry material for a residential housing project by the senior class. According to Payne, the material was carried over “one of the wettest jobsites in the subdivision.”

Payne noted that the single-arm design and door system led to much better visibility than many other similar machines.

Payne also noted that the heavy equipment operator class is part of a technical building trades program at Alfred State SUNY College of Technology and that the programs always strive to offer the most well-rounded college experience for students.



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