Announcements / Headliners


Not everyone around campus has heard the new date for Relay For Life. When is it? Friday April 27, 2012 to Saturday April 28, 2012 starting at 6pm. The committee realized that the original date for the event was on Easter Weekend in which the attendance from students and community may not have been as large as they would hope. In the recent week, a theme has been determined as well. This years Relay for Life will be Candyland. The Kick Off date is Thursday March 8, 2012 in which is just a day to spread the word about the event and provide general information. At that same time, people will be able to sign up for teams right then and there. Kick Off will take place both downstairs and upstairs Central Dining Hall between 11am and 2pm. Be sure to check out the tables to find out more  about the upcoming event!

For more general information be sure to check out the event page on Facebook called “ASC Relay For Life 2012”. You can also contact Chanel Wright (WrightCP, Krystal Perlman ( or Amber Alvarenga ( The Committee meets weekly at 5:00 pm upstairs in the Central Dining Hall. Also check out  the Alfred State College Relay For Life Page:


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