~Editorial – Paul Vincent – Editor-In-Chief~

 As I said last week I’m busy, so some of you may be wondering what keeps my schedule so full. Well, for starters I have an 18 credit hour class load with a 15-hour workweek at Friendly’s. Then I have my Public Relations Student Senate Executive Board duties and then my clubs. Besides being the Editor for this newspaper, I am also a member in Alfred State Voice, Instrumental, Jesters and I attend meetings for Visual Impact Club and Drama when I can. Unfortunately all of these clubs are relatively small and thus fairly unrecognized and unpublicized. They are a ton of fun, but I wish there were more people. I understand they may not focus on everyone’s passion, but with all those clubs they cover practically every form of entertainment. I would hope to see more people joining them, but there seems to be only the really talented/enthused there. Now I, for one, am not a talented artist, musician, or singer; but I still enjoy doing all of these. And I have never felt looked down upon for my lack of skill. I encourage all of you to join some sort of self-expression group like Voices, Instrumental, Visual Impact Club, or even ones I’m not a part of, like Steppas, Tao Dance Under Ground, and others. Rest assured if you have a passion or even an interest in something, there is a club for it. And if there isn’t, you can easily make one and gather members for it.


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