~Shane Shcaber~

Alfred’s John Schmild rooted on his team to an 8-4 victory in curling over the former champion Geneseo in eight ends. The win earned the number 3rd seed for Thursday’s semifinal matchup against Roane State.

Afterward, the Schmild met briefly with the Geneseo’s curlers — and received a pair of their funky, diamond-printed pants, which have been receiving a lot of attention during the Games. He did not try them on for the team.

Smith is happy to be playing Roane State next, rather than the favored St. Bonaventure. Skip Martian Nart’s foursome made it a perfect run through the round-robin schedule with a shortened 10-3 win over Hiwasse College in seven ends.

The top-seeded St. Bonaventure, who raised their brooms to acknowledge the adoring fans, still do not know their next opponent Thursday. A tie breaker between Johnson County Community College and Keystone will be played Wednesday after the Keystone beat CC of Rhode Island, 7-6. April fools!


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