In the past week, Student Activities has come to realize that they will be unable to afford Of a Revolution (O.A.R) for Hot Dog Weekend. Many may be wondering what they might be replacing them with, or more along the lines of whom. According to a rep from the Jonas Brothers, they are available the same night. With that either Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber will be opening for the band. Opening act has not been decided. Over all the campus has been showing a very positive attitude over the past few days of the “rumors” floating around about O.A.R not being able to preform.

It seems as though many students have a secret love for the Jonas Brothers, that they might not exactly show on a day-to-day basis. Hot Dog Weekend might be the time for them to let that out with numerous other fans. Online review after reviews have all been incredibly positive towards the band, they certainly have a large fan base and many always love the performances. Maybe believe that it is a wonderful experience and that their concerts are better then many other bands and performers.

The school has realized that many students may be upset with their recent decision, however they believe that they chose a wonderful replacement. Those who purchased an O.A.R ticket are able to get a refund but they will be strongly encouraged not to get a refund. The concert is still planned to be outside on Alfred University’s campus. Start Hot Dog Weekend off right by attending the concert of the year! April fools!



  1. i pretty sure no body on this campus or AU wants to watch jonas brothers due to the fact that this is college not middle school….if O.A.R is not performing save the money for next year. Or find a group thats actually worth time to go watch.

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