~Paul Vincent~

After barely pulling off a win against second rank Missouri, Norfolk State went on to get trampled by seventh ranked Florida by the biggest loss in all the divisions this year. A 30 point win has allowed Florida Gator to advance almost to the Final Four, getting beat by the Louisville by Cardinals by four points. Recent evidence has come forth proving that there were calls and fouls given in support of the Gators. The referees and officials were biased against Norfolk trying to prevent the underdog from winning and inspiring us. As such Florida and Norfolk have had an unaired fair rematch and the rest of the games will be played after the Final Four have been  “determined” but before the last games are played. Norfolk is determined to come back fighting. They realize how lucky they are to get a second chance, and are putting forth their best game and leaving it all on the court. I’m rooting for them as an unexpected underdog destined for the championship. April fools!


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