~Stephanie Stewart~

Sometimes it seems as if the media tries to make people feel too dissimilar to one another to properly get along. This is particularly evident in things such as politics or other personal beliefs. For example, when a Republican candidate for the presidency is up for election, they seem to be more polarizing and more on the radical side of things, same with a Liberal. However, just because someone is either Republican or Democrat, or even something like a member of the Mickey Mouse party, does not mean that they themselves are that radical! I am sure there are some Republicans out there who do not really care about gay marriage, and think it’s fine. The media however, has a tendency to only portray the radical side as I’ve mentioned, and makes it seem like all Republicans want to ban gay marriage and don’t much care for birth control being used, while all Liberals want everything to be available and hate anything being said otherwise. I’m sure there are Liberals somewhere who don’t much care for birth control being readily available as well! Now, the major point I’m trying to make here is simple, that people aren’t really so different after all.

It’s honestly true, people aren’t usually so polarizing in their views that nobody gets along ever and can’t deal with the little things that aren’t similar about each other. Moderates of all kinds exist, but nobody ever wants to see them portrayed on TV, it’s always something more sensationalized and radical. It’s almost never anything that is realistic in these matters! Isn’t that just horrible? I mean, I’m personally a registered Independent and I’m not afraid to admit that one bit. I went with that party affiliation due to my not feeling strongly towards any one particular subject. Yes, I’m pro gay marriage and birth control not being taken away, but I’m also for smaller government and things of that nature. Despite this though, I can get along just fine with a Conservative or a Liberal. I have no problems, and I’m sure many people go about their daily lives not knowing tons about someone they work with and there are no problems.

The same exact thing goes for likes and dislikes as well, to a lesser degree but it’s still prevalent! Just because some girl didn’t play with dolls and doesn’t like pink doesn’t mean she’s not a girl, and odds are you would have absolutely no idea about any of that had you just run across her. Same for a boy who watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or happens to like cooking. It doesn’t make him any less of a man, nor does it even come up in daily life! (By the way, Fluttershy is the best pony.) In fact, anyone can watch any shows, including My Little Pony and shouldn’t be worried about people thinking they’re silly or childish. Cartoons are for everyone! It’s a great show and people shouldn’t be bothered by it existing. I’m sure you’ve walked by at least four people today who’ve seen the show and enjoyed themselves. Would you know? Does this polarize you and make you not want to be friends with them, or even acknowledge them? Probably not! Maybe once you know about it, then sure you can feel free to act a certain way, as not nice as that might be, but before you really get to know someone would you know? Maybe you get to know them, and you find out they’re a lot of things you aren’t, but you get along just fine! Why does the media have to sensationalize absolutely everything? Honestly, I’m looking at you news stations, I’ve got my eye on you. It’s the NEWS. It’s not an hour long special on HBO every week, it’s the news. It shouldn’t be biased or trying to get people to lean in their favor, despite me knowing how it affects repeat views and ratings, I want to know what’s going on in the world and I don’t want to hear about how the filthy Liberals and greedy Conservatives did whatever, it’s a huge turn off!

You know what else is a huge turn off? Not taking care of your laundry properly. You started the washer knowing it takes 30 minutes or so to run the cycle. If you can’t be around for that 30 minutes, maybe try doing your laundry later instead of leaving it in the washer for 3 hours. In short, I don’t feel like the media is doing many favors in the world of news, and I really don’t think that people should be so quick to pass judgment. Except on people who can’t seem to take care of their laundry in a timely fashion when an entire building is waiting to use the washers and dryers. Those people deserve to be judged, and judged poorly at that.  I’m watching you.



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