~Paul Vincent – Editor-In-Chief~

 March Madness has truly consumed me this year I’m all about the basketball and have been following it consistently. With this dedication comes a sport fever that has just consumed me. I have been up in the gym this month practically more than I have been in my past three years combined. I have also started following the local Alfred State teams. Our own basketball team is going into Division III starting next semester I believe. How cool would it be if we became Division I and were involved in March Madness? I would love to see us go up against Duke and the Orangemen. Of course it would take a lot to go against Duke since they aren’t in the same region, but never the less it would be awesome. That will probably never happen but it would still be cool. I could always transfer to a Division I school, but that just seems over. So I guess I’ll just have to settle for March Madness and Division III.


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