Campus News


~Johnny Ayala~

What makes the ground creek and the earth feel alive. Have you always wondered why the construction on this new building is so behind schedule? Possibly wonder what could push a construction project a month or so behind? Well on this campus it has to do with “Indians” and their dead. Yes there is an Indian burial ground under the construction site. This has been confirmed by numerous sources that things have been heard and seen around that site. We have heard of people saying they have seen strange images around the construction beams of things that look like old faces. Now the construction managers  have all but heeded the warnings of the historical awareness club on campus about what is buried under the construction site, as well as the danger of  disturbing this ground further. The construction management has so called “looked into the issue and found no validity in their clams”. People have also reported of feeling strange kinds of ways like they could not be happy or feel joy around the site  and as well as in Burdick Hall. One report coming from a Burdick Hall resident stated that “ she would feel as if the air around her was as cold as ice and that someone with a cold stare was watching her giving her chills through her body. One of the most interesting reports came from an actual member of the historical awareness club. He stated that he was walking back to his room in RC when he heard a voice call his name as if it was asking for his help. He started walking toward the source and he keep hearing trouble help, help trouble. He was looking hard for the source of this mysterious voice on this foggy night. Then out of nowhere he heard a scream and ran toward it as soon as he found it he stopped at the last moment and collected himself. When he looked around he saw his surroundings and realized he  was on the edge of the construction site cliff. When the cops got around to questioning him he said that he was following a voice who was asking out for help  and somehow the gate was left open that night. According to then club if this project continues to go on the incidents will only get more serious form hear on the spirits of this site have been at peace for hundreds of years now they have woken and something must be done to put them to rest once again. April fools!


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