~Mike “cadillac“ Deville Ph.D.~

 I’m sorry to announce that this will be my last ASC.edu column ever.

As some of you have guessed, my real name is not Mike Deville, and I’m not really a student at Camp Alfred, aka Alfred State College. My true identity was recently revealed to the president of the college, and he has kindly but firmly told me to stop writing ‘that annoying column.’ And in true ‘Deville spirit’ I will do what the president has asked. So this will be my last ASC.edu column.

Fortunately, this will not be a problem, since, as my readers already know, Mike was going to ‘graduate’ this May and leave the college. The truth is that I have been planning to retire this May anyway, so I was going to stop writing ASC.edu this semester. I haven’t told everyone about my plans to retire, but I’ll reveal them very soon.

So as I approach retirement, I will have many good memories of ‘Camp Alfred’ and ‘Mike Deville.’ I hope all ten of my loyal readers will miss Mike just a little, but the combination of being ‘outed’ by the president and my planned retirement, probably mean this is the right time to end ASC.edu.

Mike Deville unplugged



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