Campus Life


~Angel Torres~

An annual event at Alfred State College – the Fashion show! More than 200 people were there and they were all full of excitement. Illuminated decorations filled the room. It looked as if it was set up as an official fashion show runway. The host of the event, Channel Gabriel, did a mix of poetry and singing in the beginning of the fashion show. She showed a lot of enthusiasm.  The people in the audience included Alfred State and Alfred University students, alumni, and staff, as well as Alfred community members. Things were able to turn out good for BSU and funds for the St. Jude research hospital for children. Raising money to find cures is the main objective. It

is a fund raiser to help Saint Jude Hospital discover a cure for the various cancers that affect children.
“This was my first Fashion Show, but I thought the turnout was incredible, especially because the proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The BSU coordinators of this event did a fantastic job of collaborating with other motivated organizations, such as Up Til Dawn, Umoja, and various groups from Alfred State and AU, because without them, this program wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. I don’t think anybody can deny that,” said BSU advisor Liz Raterman.

First group/fashion line was called “four seasons”. They showed a lot of good styles to represent the four seasons. The participants of the show really emphasized more on the summer and spring seasons when showing the four seasons.

The second group had the theme of “hats.” They showed a different variety of hats and styles that go with them. One of the styles that stood out the most was the skater style that one of the guys showed during the walk through of the second group. It had a mixture of skater and “punk” style.

The third scene of the fashion show was “hospital”. Participants were showing a lot of exquisite outfits that had a hospital theme. It seemed as if it was outfits that were hand-made and took a lot of hard work to make. They emphasized the idea of being a patient in the hospital with unique design and twist to it.

“The fashion show itself was interesting and fun. I enjoyed participating and being a model for a day. I felt nervous walking down the run way but had a lot of fun experiencing it. I was nervous about tripping the whole time. Other than that, it was great!” said by Alpha Sigma Sorority sister Marie DiFiglia.

There was a contest that took place with eight volunteer contestants. They showed their moves as a potential model for the fashion show. It showed the audience that anyone can strut down a walkway in front of many people.

“Candy” was the fourth theme and it dealt with showing more of the body and having exotic outfits. The looks on peoples’ faces were priceless when they saw the outfits and the performances that participants were showing to the audience. It showed an increasing vibe in the crowd. Parents who brought their children with them to view the fashion show weren’t comfortable with the situation, but all went well.

The fifth scene was “Couture”. It showed a unique type of fashion. It was more of an urbanized wardrobe. The outfits were leaning to a ballroom type of dressing toward the end of the scene.

And last but not least, the final scene is called “causes”. The final scene had a twist to it as the first person came out with tape on her mouth. It represented for her to keep silent about things. There was a shirt that someone had on and on it, it said “stop police corruption”. That shows how a lot of people feel about the police in the United States. They abuse their authority. Another outfit that stood out was when one person had a sweater on with the hood up imitating the outfit Treyvon Martin. Another woman wore a hoodie over her head. On the back of it, she hung a handwritten sign which read, “Do I look suspicious?” (A Special Florida State district Attorney Assigned to the Treyvon Martin Case, has announced that second degree murder charges are being brought against the shooter, George Zimmerman.)

The show ended in a round of applause by the audience. Thanks were extended to every model, the leaders of BSU, Liz Raterman and everyone else who worked to set up the event!

The event was successful and it will be repeated for years to come.

Shanelle Gabriel entertained the audience at the BSU Fashion show with songs, stories and interaction with the models



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