Campus News


~Angel Torres~

On March 28, the Home Run Derby event hosted by LASO created excitement among the participants and to the people who were watching on the side. The event was support and charity for the Red Cross. It took place in the Orvis gym. Viewing the participants’ facial expressions, I noticed there was excitement in the gym. People were cheering for the batters. There were also people from the baseball team participating in the Home run derby even. It was not only LASO members, but others as well. Children were even batting up.

They seemed pretty excited because hitting the ball was the goal. Therefore, when hitting the ball it became clear to them that a competition was going on between the competitors.

Pitching the balls to the batters was Coach/Dr. Swanson. In my view as an outsider in the event, hitting the ball seemed easy to most competitors. At some points of time people were not hitting the ball and Coach Swanson yelled out “I feel like I’m Nolan Ryan.”

“We raised some money for the Red Cross and had some fun. We’re glad that everyone who came through was able to enjoy themselves and look forward to making it bigger & better next year! Special thanks to Dr. Swanson, Paul Welker, all of Athletics, thank you!,” said by LASO president Erick Guerra

As the event went came to an end, Erickson Rodriguez was the winner; a member from the LASO group. Runner up was the basketball coach’s son Alex. Finally, third place was Steve Pinell from the baseball team.

Having a fund raiser for the Red Cross was huge not only for LASO, but also for people in need of the Red Cross’ help. Raising money helps raise awareness as to why the Red Cross is important. To add on, it also helps benefit the Red Cross’ equipment for people in need around the world that can and are in great danger.

“It was a fun event that was for a good cause,” commented William “Chino” Urena

The event raised money for the Red Cross through a $2.00 admission charge for every participant, along with the receipts generously donated from garage sales held by various Resident Assistants.


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