Campus Life


~Angel Torres~

FOR MANY people that go away to college coming from the city, it is a difficult transition to make. Students that come from the city sometimes feel overwhelmed by the competition around them. White and/or Asians are sometimes seemed looked at as an intimidation to Black and Hispanic students that come from the city. It is stereotyped that White and/or Asian people are much more intelligent than the minorities in any school. Majority of the students that come from the city are either Hispanic or Black. Sometimes I see reactions on faces from the people that come from the city as a White or Asian has a good performance. They have an expression on their face that tells others “I can’t do this.” I am Hispanic myself and I know the feeling of being intimidated with who is amongst you.
Students were asked, was it a difficult transition coming from the city to a new environment?
“The transition from the city to Alfred was both nerve wrecking and a relief. It was difficult being surrounded by a huge variety of cultures because people act differently to my way of speaking or how I would react. Also, people have different values so it’s harder to adjust to others’ way of life. It was also a relief coming to a different environment and learning new things. I feel that expanding your horizons is very important,” said former Alfred University student Stephanie Almodovar
“Yes, because Alfred is more of a rural area compared to the city. It is much harder to get around to places. The food and people are different,” said Jeancarlos Martinez
“You suffer a bit of culture shock coming from a place with over a million people to a place with only one street light. Transitions in general can be difficult but in all reality it’s what you make of it. Was it difficult? Yes. Will you miss home? Probably. Can you survive out here? Yes. Point is, don’t focus too much on what’s different instead focus on what this place can offer. It’s not that bad,” said Erick Guerra.
The answers all show something similar. Students admitted that it was a difficult process. Yes it’s difficult, but people can overcome the obstacles in the way.
“There are many ways to deal with an obstacle such as being intimidated to the different people around you. A big way to get around the obstacle is to just ignore the negativity around you. Let your priorities fill your mind, so getting distracted because of intimidation is not a problem.”
Efforts by Alfred State College help every student fit-in into the new environment that they come across coming to Alfred.


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