Campus Life


~Lila Campiz~

Spring has arrived and all of the spring sports are in full spring. The Alfred State sport teams however are not the only teams or organizations participating in games. During the week of April 9th, according to the Greek Community it was Glory Days. Each day the Greeks took part in a different event. Also each sorority and fraternity had a ‘sweetheart’ for the week which had to be with a house that they are not already affiliated with.

Throughout the week were penny wars in which each house collected pennies and tabs for Relay for Life. Tuesday was the Greek Games, Wednesday was a decorate a brick, Thursday was sign a Greek and Friday ended with an all Greek Mixer down at the bandstand in town. But back to the games, Tuesday night inside Orvis Activities Center the Greeks gathered in the gymnasium from the Greek Games. The two big games of the night was a relay race and tug of war two games that are always fun. The winners of the relay race were Psi Delta Omega and Psi Sigma Psi, and the winners of the tug of war were Mu Theta and Pi Nu Epsilon.

The Greek community as a whole had a great time, especially because the night started off with Mrs. Gooney Bird. As Alfred State students many of us are familiar with Mrs. Gooney Bird from freshmen orientation. At the time we may have thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world, and some us may even still think that. All in all, it was a great event.


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