~Editorial – Paul Vincent – Editor-In-Chief~

 I keep on saying how busy I’ve been this semester. Sometimes it’s been complaining, and other times I’ve been excited about it. Now I can take it or leave it. I have been participating in so many clubs and activities I have little free time, but at the same time I have learned so many new skills and made tons of new friends. Take the other week for instance. I went to the ORC kayak lessons and I met most the members of the ORC crew, who are really cool. I have been meaning to join them on some of their trips, but unfortunately have not. Along with that I learned how to roll a kayak after only the second time of being in a kayak. That was quite an exciting accomplishment, and I am happy to have achieved that so easily. Unfortunately that’s about the only thing that I learned so easily. The great guys in ORC were terrific teachers, but even with their help it was quite a challenge. There are so many components and techniques that go into rolling a kayak that can be used in an analogy towards attaining other goals and such. First main thing is staying calm underwater. You must maintain a collected presence of mind in all facets of life, because getting all worked up and flustered accomplishes nothing except distraction from your goal. Then you need the proper positioning of your body and of your paddle. This is like the requirements you need to fulfill before starting a project, or preparations you must make. The explosion of your muscles to get momentum is like the enthusiasm with which you must attack all projects. The paddle is the driving force that gives you something to push against. Just like you need someone to support you and push you to keep you moving when things get tough and you lose your momentum. Now if I could just remember this when push comes to shove. I’ve got a good base on the first couple steps; it’s the vigor and momentum I need to work on. I must  remember to use this metaphor in all future endeavors to recreate this success.



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