Campus Life


~Johnny Ayala~

This semester’s poetry jam was very successful to say the least. The event began at about 6:45, but most seats were full by 6:30. Many people turned out to the event this semester and there were a fair bit of special readings from groups or classes. The event began with students from Professor Wheaton’s Spanish III class with each reciting different poems in Spanish and then either giving them an explanation in English or reciting the poem again in English. All of their poems were read very well and it was really interesting to hear poetry recited in another language. It really gave me a look into poetry of other countries. This can also be said for the Japanese dance club and Dr. Yatani’s haiku readings. The members of the Japanese dance club each recited an haiku of their choosing that meant something to them, as did Dr. Yatani. I know I have always been interested in the art of haikus and their history in Japan and I was glad to be there to get to hear some of it recited rather well. The other individual poets of the night really had emotion with their poetry and were just as strong as the group poets. It was definitely a passionate crowd out for the life and art of poetry.

The event was sponsored by Ergo, the campus creative arts magazine. Dr. Annie Constantine and Professor Janice Stafford, two of Ergo’s advisors, organized the reading. Dr. Robert Curry, Chairman of the English and Humanities Department, acted as MC. Desserts created by the culinary arts baking, production and management students were served along with coffee and tea. Art works of Alfred State students were displayed in the Allegany Room. Once again, the event showcased the many talents of ASC.



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