Campus Life


The Visual Impact Club (V.I.C) held their very first What the Festival. It consisted of animation and video work from students, faculty and artists from around the United States. It was a two day event, Friday March 30th and Saturday April 1st.. The overall audience was small but as a club they hope to expand for next year. In total there were thirteen pieces shown in the course of one hour.

Festival Line-Up

  1. Polka Cowboy – Elizabeth    Pellathy
  2. March of the Uncommon – Josh Peraldo
  3. Locked Out – Tony Grande
  4. Game Over Rutabego – Tammy Brackett
  5. Flush with Fear – Christopher Moore
  6. Iteration 4 – Jason Bernagozzi
  7. Assassin’s Dweeb – Ryan Smith
  8. Mother – Conni Pennisi
  9. Ornament #3 – Jeremy Schwartz
  10. The Eye: Sleep and Fear – Jacob Freedman
  11. Phone Call in Noir – Jeremy Newman
  12. The Starburst Shuffle – Shane Schaber
  13. Clay Jam – Collaboration of Digital Media & Animation Students and Faculty

It was a great opportunity to see artwork outside of the classroom especially from those entries that had been submitted from outside Alfred State. Part two of What the Festival was held on Saturday April 14th, and was a workshop that included some of the other fine arts organizations on Alfred State Campus. For example, Alfred State Voice, Alfred State Instrumentals and Tap Underground, were a part of the workshop, which was opened to everyone on the campus and the community.

One of the films presented at the festival was Clay Jam, a collaborative Stop Motion piece created

by the Digital Media & Animation Students and Faculty.


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