On April 4th, Spencer Peavey and Nikki Hockenberry hosted  the first annual Alfred State STU-eys award show. The show was created  to recognize the various clubs and organization on campus and celebrate their achievements. The show was also one of the first events to be held in the newly renovated Anthony Cappadocia Auditorium in Orivs.

Though Alfred has played host to awards shows in the past, the STU-eys took things to a whole new level. Taking a page from the Oscars, the show opened with a humorous skit before delving into the main event. The Skit featured Nikki Hockenberry in her office, discussing the planning of the awards show with Spencer Peavey, poking fun at the fact that they were planning another  event to take place amidst various other big events, such as Take Back the Night and Hot Dog Day.

Witty banter between the two hosts was frequent throughout the show, while awards were handed out  to a variety of deserving recipients. Winners included:

  1. Student Senate Civic Engagement Award – Up ’til Dawn
  2. Student Senate Scholarship – Jacob Bayus, Alicia Grebner, Alex Pacific, Lucas Bayus
  3. Best Residence Hall Council –  Mackenzie West
  4. President Medallions – Andy Jones, Courtney Cardinal
  5. Greek Advisor of the Year –  Nikkie Hockenberry (Pi Rho Zeta)
  6. Greek Brother of the Year – Brent Donnelly
  7. Greek Sister of the Year – Amber Alvarenga
  8. Best Small Program – Boo Cancer by Up ’til Dawn
  9. Best Large Program – Diversity Party – Rainbow Union
  10. Best Cultural Program – Tunnel of Oppression
  11. Best New Club of the Year – The Jesters
  12. Semester in the South – Sean O’Donnell, Logan Rappleye
  13. Outstanding Students – Christie Terry
  14. Student Activities Employee of the Year – Jadon Norton, Andy Jones
  15. Advisor of the Year – Scott Bingham (Pioneer Woodsman)
  16. Organization Achievement Award – Outdoor Recreation Club

Student performances were also featured throughout the show, to break up the monotonous nature of the award show format. Performers included the Alfred State Steppas, the Drama Club, Tap Dance Underground, Brett Harrington, and “After the Blast,” the winners of the Late Night Battle of the Bands event held earlier this year. Overall the event was a huge success, thanks in part  to the hard work by the APB and Student Activities. Here is to more successful STU-eys in the future.


Nikki Hockenberry and Spencer Peavey entertained the audience with an opening skit and humorous remarks while hosting the STU-eys.


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