~Editorial – Paul Vincent – Editor-In-Chief~

Wow, I cannot believe this is the last issue of the semester. This has been one crazy year. Heck, this semester alone has been ridiculous. I have made tons of new friends and strengthened the relationships with ones I’ve already had. Unfortunately many of them are graduating this year (as I should be) and thus will be sorely missed.

Despite that, it has been an exciting year and I cannot wait to get back next year to see what is in store as I plan on being even more involved on campus next year. Hopefully next semester I will have time to be an activities assistant and Public Relations Chair for Student Senate and also involved a number of clubs on campus including but not limited to Jesters, Voices, Jazz Band, APB, possibly WETD, and of course the Tor Echo.

But I will not be editor-in-chief of this paper next year. I will still be involved in the paper, but am stepping down to allow fellow Digital Media and Animation student and writer for this paper Lila Campiz to take the reins of Tor Echo.  It has been a privilege to be editor in chief for the past year and push this paper to new bounds. Despite my resignation I will still be involved in this paper and hope to continue the wonderful tradition of bringing all goings on around campus to you students and faculty.



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