Editorial – Lila Campiz – Editor-In-Chief

I’m Lila Campiz and I am a senior in the Digital Media and Animation program. This is my first semester as Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. Paul Vincent has stepped down at the end of last semester as Editor-in-Chief but he will be still working on the Tor Echo Staff. Aside from being a part of the newspaper I am also involved in a few clubs and organizations, such as Visual Impact Club, Up ‘til Dawn, Relay for Life, Rainbow Union and a sister of Alpha Sigma Sorority. I am currently a Late Night Assistant Captain along with Public Relations Intern.

To all those returning to Alfred State this year welcome back. You may notice that the layout of the Tor Echo has been tweaked ever so slightly. Being an art major and having a strong passion for graphic design I updated the look and feel of the layout. You may also notice that some things have not changed since we all left here in May such as construction. Allied Health is expected to be opening this semester. However the construction on the Student Leadership Building will not be completed until next year.

I’d like to welcome the freshmen and new students to Alfred State. I hope you enjoy your first semester here on campus. I highly recommend getting involved with the various clubs and organizations around Alfred State’s campus. Like every year the activities fair will be Thursday August 23rd near the football field. Make sure you attend; it is the perfect time to find an organization that fits you best. There are so many clubs and organizations here at Alfred State it is hard to keep track. There are College Wide Clubs and Organizations, Honor Societies, Greek Organizations, Hall Councils/Residential Organizations and Curriculum Clubs.

As Editor this year I’d like to make a few changes. My one goal is to increase student participation. You do not need to be a staff member to submit material. Submissions will be accepted from anyone in the campus community. However we do welcome anyone to join our staff. My second goal is to have better communication between the various clubs on campus and the newspaper. As a student I want you to feel that you can look to the Tor Echo to find out what is going around on campus, especially upcoming events.

Our first meeting will be Wednesday August 29 at 4pm. Our meetings are usually held in the Orvis Conference Room. Please join us. If you have any questions feel free to email me campizle@alfredstate.edu



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