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Hey Guys! As the school year quickly approaches, many of you are probably very nervous but excited at the same time, I know I was last year! At Orientation, we somewhat forced you to make friends and talk to people, but now you are on your own! No need to worry though, many opportunities will present themselves to make friends here at Alfred and have a good time. The easiest way I found to do that is to simply get involved.  Alfred State has over 90 clubs and organizations (that is an incredible amount!) that are open for anyone to join!  As you walk around the Activities Fair on Thursday August 23rd , feel free to walk up to any table and ask them questions about their club or organization and see if it is the right fit for you. Joining a club is the best way to get out of your room and hang out with people who enjoy doing the same things as you do. Also every day during Welcome Week, a few of the student leaders here planned events. During your first week here there is always something to do and new faces to meet. There will be many different movies, athletic events, parties, game shows, special guests and much more! There is something for everyone! Another way to get involved is by making connections. Once again during Welcome Week the opportunity will present itself again! Another type of event that is going on all week is Leadershops. These are events that showcase various aspects of the college and the community. A few of these include information about the study abroad programs, a trip to the Community Garden, Drama Club, and a chance to play music with the college’s President, Dr. John Anderson.  By the end of the week, you will be just as excited for school to start as I am! I hope to see you around campus and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the other Orientation Leaders!

Best Wishes!!!

Sarah Hoff


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