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Angel Torres

Everyone goes through ups and downs during their college years, especially when one is away from his/her homeland. When going through a rough situation/problem, the only thing that matters is how you deal with it. Former freshman students of Alfred State College were asked, was the transition from your freshman year to your summer vacation positive or negative? If so, why? Ricardo A. Ramos replied, “It was positive. Positive because my freshman year was a year of procrastination, where I needed to learn time management, discipline, and self control. Never could find the time to do school work because I was easily distracted by diversion, activities, and friendship. I had a 1.4 GPA at the end of the semester and was put in probation. It wasn’t until the second semester that I learned to work harder and to make school my first priority.” Marylin Delgado explained, “It was positive. My transition from the 1st semester to my second was positive. I went from just knowing one life style (that being partying and drinking) to knowing God. Thinking of Alfred as just a town where I go to school, I have my family here. My first semester I was on academic probation; second semester I did a whole 360. But ever since I got to know God every transition has been positive.” According to Ismail Gaddipati, “It was both because it was a new experience for me. I was able to meet new people and do different things that other people at my high school never experienced because they stayed at a community college. It was negative because in a single room with a suite full of juniors and seniors. I was the only freshman on the floor. I did not go out because I did not know anyone.” Yoelvin Andres Molina stated, “It was positive. One of the reasons is that dorming in college away from home helped me be more independent, obedient, and mature. Going home for vacation to your parents is exciting, but they do not treat you like a child anymore, but as an adult.” Nathan Terry added, “I think it was positive from being able to learn a lot more stuff from being almost on your own. That helps a lot growing up. It is also a good experience and helps you with becoming more grown up and

The answers all show something similar. Students seemed to have ups and downs, such as I did during my freshman year. Being able to overcome your obstacles and seeing a positive side can be very important. ”Being home. Coming back to school. The transition felt much more different from last year when I came to Alfred for the first time. I felt less emotion when leaving my mom and dad at the bus station. Before finals week of the 2012 spring semester, things were not going well; everything from family to school. I experienced that and it was not a pleasant situation to be in. Worrying about friends and family was on my mind all the time. It hurt time for my studies. Many things helped me get through problems I had: Going to my advisor Mrs. Davis for help was key to being more successful; also writing was a big part in helping me per-severe through my obstacles. When I went back home, I went back home with a positive mindset. I did not set many goals for my summer vacation, but the ones that I did set were achieved. I do feel as if I am more of a matured individual.”

Efforts by Alfred State College help students get through any rough situation; from family and friends to school and their studies.


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