Editorial – Lila Campiz – Editor-In-Chief

I hope everyone is having a great first couple of weeks here at Alfred State. When I was a freshman I remember being excited for my classes in general. I knew what my major was going to be from the start which helped me out a lot. However one thing that many students struggle with is time management. It is difficult at the beginning to figure out how you will juggle everything, especially classes, clubs/organizations, jobs and homework. Now being a senior I know how to manage my time well with every-thing I take part in. It is still early in the semester but a lot of people might be getting stressed at this point or even in the upcoming weeks. I have been given some helpful hints and tips over the years. My first sug-gestion to everyone is to plan out their schedule. I am a visual learner and what helps me best it putting my schedule into excel and not only hav-ing my classes but all my clubs/organizations along with my two jobs. You are able to see everything at once and you can see where you have free time. Making lists are key too, especially day to day lists. As I accomplish different tasks I cross off one by one. As long as I stay on task then my work gets usually done. Last but not least distractions are never good. I know Facebook can be extremely interesting at times, even when you are completely bored but it is most likely the number one dis-traction of college students. Another distraction would be your peers, hanging out with friends and having a social life is always a good thing but not particularly when you have assignments due. When you have a deadline for something many pro-fessors will not extend it. Some may take half off if it is due late while others might not accept it late at all. It may be hard managing time but it will only benefit you in the future.


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