Walking right through me and never past feeling
transparent and thin as glass
they don’t seem to see what’s in front of them
as if they know there is nothing but air when I’m there
is the price for silence and serenity invisibility and anonymity
can there be complacency when going for conformity
why can’t silence and deep thought be seen as deep and serene
there will always be a part of me that will remain unseen
then there is the part they will be seen by just being me
walking the path of the seen/unseen.

Shadows Reflection
I am from another world looking through the night time shadows.
I see you through the shades of gray of my world and you see nothing of me.
You see the shadowy figure of a stranger but in reality I am you.
You wonder what is this feeling when you are walking down a quite road
and I appear slowly as a echoing thought in the back of your mind reassuring you of what you already know. you are have never really been alone.
I see you through the cracks in the walls and the holes in your heart.
I am your other, your split, your ever lasting duality in your fight for control
I can be your guiding dark knight or your blinding void of sin.
We are one in the same and the same part of one I see you as you see your reflection. I move as you move, I think as you think, but in my world I am your mirror image your Shadowy Reflection.


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