Campus News

The Day EVERYTHING Went Out!

There are several things that can interrupt our lives on a daily basis. Sometimes if one thing goes wrong so does everything else just like dominos. On Thursday September 6, 2012 at approximately 9am not only did Alfred State’s campus lose power but so did the rest of the town. Some might think not many would be affected by it since it was early in the morning but it was the complete opposite. At 9 o’clock in the morning many people are either starting their day or their day had been started for a couple of hours. Just before the power had gone out the library had a good number of students within in it and many of them were on the computers. Some were printing out papers; others were working on BlackBoard while most were finishing up assignments and even projects that were due the same day.

We all know how many college students are, they save things for the last minute and it happens to all of us. Right as the lights went out and computers shut down there was an abundance of curse words that flooded the somewhat small areas. Many got angry while some didn’t care. People had forgotten to save and some people had never saved from when they started the assignment. We all know Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” And Murphy was an optimist, we are sometimes told. It affects all of us every once in a while, we aren’t all perfect even if we think we are. Aside from the issues in the library there was issues throughout campus as well. Losing electricity in the middle of the night is never fun because your alarm clock that may be plugged into an outlet and it gets reset, well of course that can happen in the morning for those students that do not have early morning classes. Some people rely on a typical alarm clock while others like to use their cellphones. Without a doubt there were people who either missed their class or woke up late for a class due to not having an alarm. Many would have thought that classes might have been canceled but that is not always the case. Throughout campus certain buildings do have generators like the Central Dinning Hall but that makes sense because of the main food places that are located there. At least we could eat!


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