Rainbow Union

Every individual is different yet society lumps us into groups. It was taught for a long time that women had a certain role and men had another. If these roles over lapped or if someone didn’t meet the expectations then they were ridiculed. Society has played a big part in oppressing people, not only individually but as a whole.

It was set that women had to be a certain thing, had to perform specific duties. Women were told and raised to know that their job was to marry and have a family; it was their sole purpose in life. Not an education and not to have a job to support their family. Then once they are married and have a family they were/are expected to stay home and give up everything, to provide emotional support, to cook and clean. But who did these things for them?

Then there are the expectations of a male, the male in a relationship is supposed to be the finical provider. A male is supposed to be the one to go out and get a job and support your family, and if you couldn’t do that than what good were you?

Some people still think this way today, most people don’t realize how much they affect and/or oppress others. They think the things they say are jokes, that no one is being hurt, well its not funny and people are affected. You might think we are past those times but they are still here and society has much room for improvement.


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