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Kayla Marsh

Some people run, some people dance, some people read, and some people write, but the fact is that most humans, if not all, have some form of a creative outlet. Ergo is a collection of creative writing, poetry, photography and artwork published once a semester. Submissions are collected into packets that are handed out to Ergo members every two weeks. Each submission is read and voted in or out of Ergo. Turned-down submissions are not done in an ill-mannered or final way. We encourage revisions and re-submissions of any omitted pieces of work. If writers or artists would prefer to remain in the shadows, pseudonyms and anonymous submissions are gladly welcomed.

If your creative outlet is writing, photography, or art, Ergo is looking to share your talent with the campus. If you have nothing to submit, any student is welcome to contribute to our reading and editing effort. Meetings are every two weeks in SDC’s faculty lounge at 4:00 and last thirty minutes or less. Our next meeting is September 24th. As for submissions, they can be dropped off at SDC in the large red envelope marked “Ergo” on the outside of Professor Constantine’s door or e-mailed to with the subject as “Ergo submission.”


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