Campus Life


Angel Torres

People all around ASC have been talking about the improvements on our campus! Some of the dorm buildings look much livelier, and so does the rest of Alfred State College – the students, staff, and other faculty members. Maybe it is because I, myself am a 2nd year returner at Alfred State College. Everything seems vivid to me and more of a college that students can be outside on the grass to read, write, or even draw (only when it is nice out, of course).
Students in Burdick Hall and in other buildings are happy with the way the way the building and campus looks, overall. The expressions on their faces while they are explaining how nice the campus and improved buildings look inside and out, make it seem like they are satisfied with their surroundings. On the other hand, there are downfalls they speak about, as well. There have been students talking about the Wi-Fi service and how bad it is this semester. Students also talk about the internet connection on campus. They converse about the internet not having strong connection on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops on some parts of the campus.

There have been improvements outside of old Allied Health Building, which is now re-named the Physical and Health Sciences building: a path way going toward the Bell Tower, another to the E.J. Brown building, and an entrance to the Central Dining Hall. Freshman may not be familiar with the multiple improvements in CDH, but last year, construction interfered with students going to class, and it still does. Before, approximately 2-3 years ago, there was no construction going on. Seniors and Juniors at Alfred State College said going to class was much easier. (See story in last Tor Echo)

All in all, Alfred State College has made this campus a better place for students. Students seem to be much more interactive in clubs than they were during the last academic year. This year has definitely been a year of change for Alfred State College – a good and bad change. Good change because of the improvements on making adjustments in and outside of the buildings on campus. Bad because internet connection has not been so great; it is downfall that should be dealt with sooner than later.

There a few new problems—
“Coming back to Alfred State College with my mom for the 2nd time, I was thinking to myself, it is just going to be the same as the year before – not much excitement to be around. Arriving to my same dorm building (Burdick Hall), everything seemed to change, from the hallways to the bathrooms. Everything looked improved. Burdick Hall had a brand new look to it. The only problem I had was the internet connection. Last year’s internet connection was the best on the 3rd floor of Burdick. I was getting full bars on my Wi-Fi. Now I just get two or three bars at times. Being an over thinker that I am, I thought the improvements were partially done because of less Wi-Fi strength in some areas on campus, including my dorm building.”


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