Get Involved!

Lila Campiz


Everyone gets involved in one way or another. If you are one of those people who hasn’t really gotten involved in anything around campus then you definitely should! There are so many clubs and organizations here that probably fit one of your hobbies or interests. Tor Echo is about to get involved with Civic Engagement! It is still in the beginning stages but Tor Echo is going to be having a Civic Engagement Corner which will basically showcase upcoming events that other clubs maybe doing that falls under the category of Civic Engagement. It has not been announced but it certainly will. I’ve been thinking that it will have the event name, date, time and of course a short description about the event. If you haven’t heard of Civic Engagement then you should definitely look into it. Two definitions that are displayed on Alfred State’s webpage are; An active, on-going, collaborative process where individuals connect to communities – locally, nationally, and globally – to initiate positive social change.

Many clubs and organizations have been getting involved with Civic Engagement however there are some that have not. If you have any questions pertaining to Civic Engagement then you should contact the Civic Engagement Coordinator, Jonathon Hilshire ; Hil-sheJC@alfredstate.edu, his office is also located in the Orvis Activities Center.

If you want to get ahead and send us information about upcoming events that your clubs may be hosting then you should email either torecho@alfredstate.edu or myself at campizle@alfredstat.edu.


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