Jester’s Review

Kayla Marsh

September 22nd was like any other day, until 8p.m. when I decided to humor myself and wander into the Pioneer Lounge where the Alfred State Jesters’ first improv comedy show was held. For those not familiar with the Alfred State Jesters, they are the Alfred State campus’ official comedy club that puts on improv and stand-up comedy shows for the students and public. Now, I cannot tell you whether it was out of curiosity, need for entertainment or sheer boredom that I went to their improv performance, but I can say that it was worth every minute of the hour that it lasted. These individuals executed each stage of their act like seasoned comedians. Many of their exercises made it a point to include the audience. In fact, as I was waiting for the show to start, I was approached by one of the members and asked to write down a “world’s worst…,” which is a simple ad lib that many of the audience members were asked to fill out, fold, and return to a member. Being a devoted English major, I easily got caught up in the alliteration of the “w”s in “world’s worst” and finished my ad lib with the word “wombat.” Yes, I decided to challenge these comedians with “world’s worst wombat.” I was ashamed with the absurdity of what I had just done. Do I even know what a wombat is? Not in the way that I probably should; the extent of my wombat knowledge ends and begins with the comprehension that a wombat is an animal. However, the members of the Alfred State Jesters took my challenge and knocked it out of the park. They made one of my strangest impulsive decisions funnier than I thought possible. Throughout the night, games such as “human props,” “freeze adaption” and “awkward conversations” had the crowd erupting with laughter. The members are so committed to their audience that they will back-track over pool tables and roll on the ground for a laugh. The atmosphere proved to be light, quirky and unrestricted; just what a wearied or stressed college student looks for. The Jester’s next improve show is October 20th in the Pioneer lounge from 8p.m. to 9p.m. I would eagerly recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh, distressing, or just enjoys the show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” You won’t be disappointed.


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