Election Year!

Lila Campiz


As we all know this year is an election year. We have been seeing everything about the candidates whether it is on the television, radio or through print advertisements. Election day is right around the corner, for those who do not know it is Tuesday, November 6. During the month of October there had been tables in the Central Dinning Hall where students were able to register to vote. It seems that many took the time to register but there is probably a decent chunk of people who do not. I’ve been registered to vote since I was 18 however this is the first presidential election that I am able to vote.

At the current time it is too late to register for this upcoming election but even if you missed the deadline for this year that shouldn’t stop you from registering in general. Besides presidential elections that happen ever four years, there are also local elections as well. Even if you might be into politics, you still have the right to vote. Take a minute or two to look up how you can register. I remember just printing off a form and mailing it, it was that simple.


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