The Alfred Music Scene

John Perry

Why aren’t any music artists or bands coming to visit Alfred, New York? Could it be that the population of Alfred is only 10,180 with sixty percent of the population being Alfred State or Alfred University students? Why don’t the students of Alfred State and Alfred University take that hour to two-hour drive to see all the concerts around them?

Rochester is only an hour and fifteen minutes from Alfred. The Blue Cross Arena seats 11,887 people and is home of the AHL hockey team, the Rochester Americans, the PBL minor league basketball team, the Rochester Razorsharks, and many other different lower league sports teams. What some people do not know is that the Blue Cross Arena is also home to some awesome concerts. Bands and artists such as Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Bruce Springsteen (even American Idol) have stepped foot on the Blue Cross Arena stage. There are plenty of artists and bands coming in the next few months that could be worth the trip. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed on October 30th. The rapper Wiz Khalifa will be performing December 9th. January 13th the alternative band Green Day will be performing. Also, the city itself has many of hotels to stay in and a great nightlife.

Buffalo is about two hours from Alfred and has multiple venues where concerts take place. The First Niagara Center is mainly home to the Buffalo Sabres but on the off-season or when the Sabres have away games the arena is used for many different events, including concerts. First Niagara Center has not been around very long but has had some big-name artists and bands visit. Artists such as Shania Twain, Rick Ross, Lady Antebellum, and Pink Floyd have walked across the First Niagara Center stage. In the near future there will also be some great bands and artist performing. Rush performed October 25th and Rihanna will be performing March 8th. Buffalo is a great place to spend a night in and enjoy the many different bars and restaurants after a great show.

Many big bands and artist do not make the travel to smaller towns, such as Alfred, because of the low population and not having the proper facility to house the enormous amount of fans that would be present for it. There are many cities within a two hour radius of Alfred that house some very big concerts and shows that students here are not aware of. Places like Rochester and Buffalo are just a few cities that are close to Alfred that have had and will be having some great concerts.


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