Paul Constantine

The results are in! We carefully attempted to construct a completely neutral survey. Then, we gave the survey to what would appear to be a representative sample of 518 students or close to one sixth of the entire student body.  Surprisingly, Obama wins convincingly.

There is a vast majority (69.1%) of the campus that is rightfully concerned about the economy that all of us will be entering into during the term of the winner of the election.  The other very popular concern was those that are looking for a president who is going to “Legalize it.”

The most shocking information that was discovered came from the section that determined who will vote. I, for one, am ashamed that only 66% of the student body is registered to vote and less than 51% of the student body is intending to vote in an election that so many know is vital to this country’s future.

The Survey offered several places for students to also openly voice their opinions, and the results of these sections were probably more telling than the actual results on who we are voting for.  While there were several people who answered ridiculously, there were several very angry surveys claiming Romney to be a liar and Obama a socialist.  The results showed that if the election were held on our campus alone, Obama would defeat Romney in a landslide victory better then 2:1.

The fact remains that so many of the student body do not view voting as a crucial part of being an American and several of the forms were filled out for comedic value.  Votes were cast for several fantastic candidates including; Dr. Skunk, Tupac, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, and of course “No One.”

The facts show there is a yearning growing in this country for an alternative to the status quo provided by the Democrats and Republicans. Better than 10% of the polled student body and 17% that said they intended to vote stated that they were voting for a Third party candidate, and an even larger number of people simply refused to answer who they would be voting for or simply stated that they had no intention of voting either way.   It is a symptom of the problems that are going on in this country.  The disenfranchisement of American voters is at an all-time high and appears only to be growing.

First Published Online; November 4, 2012


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