Campus News

Sazon Sensation

Angel Torres

The third annual Sazon Sensation was hosted by the Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O) on Sunday, October 7, 2012, in the Central Dining Hall. The turnout of the event was not as big as it was last year. Compared to the 150 people that came in Fall 2011, approximately 90 people attended this time. All in all, it was still a wonderful turn out – individuals from different ethnicities enjoying the Hispanic culture (they especially liked the food). One freshman told me, “When I was on the line, waiting for food, others were already going up for their second helpings. It was either they were really hungry, or the food was really good. Who knows? It really might well have been both.” Overall, many people were comfortable with the environment. Their facial expressions put an illumination of happiness all around the room. The music filled the atmosphere with excitement and liveliness. There were people playing card games and also playing dominoes – but of course that is not only part of the Hispanic culture. People were dancing and having a good time.

Even though some people said they did not know how to do the dance, they still moved with the beat from the music. Some also felt uncomfortable when dancing but told their partner they had a nice time. Stephanie Veras, who is in the executive board of L.A.S.O., was teaching people how to do the dance, but some were shy and did not want to get up to dance.

Stephanie did not miss the food at the event even though she was the dance instructor. She went on to say, “The food was amazing! There was Piña Colada, and a Tres Leche desert —those were my favorite foods throughout the night.”
Erick Guerra, former President of L.A.S.O had this to say: “As always, it was a real fun event to be a part of. I would like to thank all of the cooks, Lambda Theta Phi for their performance, all the volunteers, and last but not least, my E-Board for all their hard work. It gets better every year.”
Three brothers from Lambda Theta Phi, a Fraternity from Buffalo University, came to the Sazon Sensation event.
Our compliments go out to L.A.S.O for setting up the event and doing a fantastic job.


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