Campus Life

Ergo’s Poetry Reading Event

Kayla Marsh

Tuesday, November 6th, Ergo, the campus’ creative arts magazine, put on their poetry reading event, which occurs once each semester. This semester’s guest was the former president of Alfred State College, John Q. Hunter. He began the night by reciting his two favorite poems: A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns and The Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats. Professor Yatani’s Japanese students recited haikus in Japanese, and then translated them into English for those of us who don’t speak Japanese. Students were then encouraged to come up to front and read their original poems or a poem that they enjoyed.  Some poems proved to be profound while others provided some comedic relief. All in all, it was a lovely evening that showcased Alfred’s poets and those students who were willing to share a favorite poem. Students’ artwork could be found displayed around the room while Professor Bocchi played his classical guitar. There were also refreshments provided by Alfred State’s culinary arts program before the reading. The next poetry reading will occur in the spring semester.


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